90AH LiFEPO4 Cells—–3.2V 12V,24V,48V Lithium Battery-5kwh,7.5kwh,10kwh,12.5kwh LiFePO4 Cells

Lithim battery

26,000.00 30,000.00

These are lithium cells for assembling lithium batteries. 8pcs will give you 24v 2.2KWH .This can power flat. Lithium batteries have longer life span, shorter charging times, no maintenance and longer back up time. This is the future of solar storage. Using this Lithium cell lithium PO4 lifepo4 battery lithium ion lithium battery cell you can build 24v 5kwh 10kwh 12.5kwh, 48v 10kwh solar system.Lithium Phospate batteries are great solar energy storage system.
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