Lithium Cell 3.2v 180AH


22 in stock


22 in stock

This is a very solid lithium cell. Lithium batteries is the new and next big thing in solar storage because of their fast charging speed, little to zero maintenance, smaller space with more energy storage, longer life span. 4pcs makes one 12v battery. 8pcs makes 24v systems.
Product Description
NO. items Specifications
1 Chatge voltage 3.65V
2 Nominal voltage 3.2V
3 Nominal capacity 180AH
4 Charge current Standard Charging/Discharging:1C(200A)
5 Standard Charging method CCCV
6 Charging time Standard Charge:1C60minutes(Ref.)Rapid Charge:2C30minutes(Ref)
7 Max.charfe current 1C
8 Max.discharge current 3C
9 Discharge cut -off voltage 3.65V
10 inherent resistance 0.3milliohm
11 Operating temperature Chatging:-20°C-60°C


12 Storage temperature -20°C∼+60°C
13 Battery Weight About 5.6KG