100+Times Reusable PVC/Plastic Formwork/Boards(4ftx8ft)


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Out of stock

Do you want to save cost in construction business? Using reusable materials u can use over and over again is the way to go. Acquire once and use for years. As a matter of fact you will use these boards over and over again. U can only use marine boards at most 3 or 4 times before rain/water or mortar destroys it. This is PVC ,I mean plastic tough materials. This PVC formwork will save u millions of naira each time. Click to buy right now. This PVC Plastic formwork is a new kind of construction material to replace plywood, steel formwork and other building material.

It’s widely used in concrete construction for raft foundations, columns, beams and decking/suspended  floors. This product will save you millions of naira in construction costs owing to its high level reusability. The bulk of the money being spend in construction goes to formworks.